Michael + Mary Beth, Married

I don't even know where to begin... This wedding was special for so many reason, one of them being that Michael + Mary Beth are two of my dear, close friends. I have known Michael since I was a kid, and I met Mary Beth over a game of dirty santa, where we aggressively stole a candle from each other, becoming fast friends.

Michael + Mary Beth have one of the most genuine, honest relationships you could witness. The way they are around one another is like an old romance novel... They slow down and always savor each moment. This wasn't just something to witness on their wedding day. You would see it with friends gathered around the tv for football or during a summer cookout in someone's backyard. You would look over and see them in their own world, intently taking each other in.

I love you both, Michael + MB. Your wedding was a dream. Thank you for allowing me to be the one to document it for you two. Oh, and Happy Birthday Michael ;)  {Scarritt Bennett Center}

Madi Flournoy