Cristen + Taylor, Married

This couple is remarkable. Their wedding day was remarkable. There was constant joy and when there were tears there was an overwhelming amount of love behind them. It was a privilege to get to know Cristen + Taylor during their engagement session that caused way too much laughter because of how many times we were forced to change locations. I fell in love with them at that session and knew their wedding day would be one for the books. 

I found out that my new, dear friends had gone through immense heartache three months prior to their wedding day. Cristen's father had passed, and there is some beautiful documentation of their other, perfect wedding that occurred just days before at his bedside. A couple months later, at

Homestead Manor

in Franklin, Cristen + Taylor got married again. Both days were beautiful and both were precious. The joy was tangible, and Taylor's look as Cristen walked down the aisle in the bright sun said it all. 

Thank you for allowing me to come in and become friends with you, Cristen + Taylor. You two love so fiercely and know how to throw one heck of a reception. You two even handled being pronounced husband and wife with thee wrong name like champs.... So here's to you two, Mr. + Mrs. Henry... I mean Harry! I wish you both many, many more laughs. 

Madi Flournoy