Kellianne + Miguel married

I think the most important quality to have for your spouse is your ability to make them laugh every single day... The kind of laughter that makes you clutch your belly and actually causes tears to stream down your cheeks.

When I first met Kellianne + Miguel they told me a story about how Miguel "iced" Kellianne early on in their relationship (if you don't know what "iced" is then just check out Urban Dictionary's definition), which also made an appearance at the engagement and rehearsal dinner. They like to have fun and why not make the biggest moments in their lives full of laughter? Their humor is endearing and the fact that they just get each other is evident at first contact. Miguel got Kellianne fancy camping gear the day of their wedding for now reason except that Miguel thought the stuff was cool. While Kellianne opened the camping gear she could contain her laughter. She gets him.

Here are a few sweet moments from Kellianne + Miguel's wedding day in Nashville.

Wedding Planning by TOAST of Tennessee| Photos of guys getting ready by Catherine Truman

Madi Flournoy