Emily + Evan, Married

I could name all the obvious reasons I loved this wedding.... The bride is one of the most stunning people I have ever seen with a heart to match, the groom was kind and patient at all the right moments, the venue Cedarwood Weddings was an absolute dream, not to mention their design team that made it look like everything jumped off the pages of a magazine... But, honestly, the reason this wedding felt so special was it's ease. From getting ready at Opryland Hotel to Evan + Emily's sparkler send-off, the day just flowed so naturally, and it was all because of this sweet, sweet couple's understanding of what this day meant.

Weddings are more than wonderful, but the start of your marriage is what brings that natural, overwhelming joy. Evan + Emily were getting married that day, so did anything else really matter?

Oh, not to mention, their reception was ridiculously fun.

Madi Flournoy