Erica + Adam, Married

"Seeing Erica that day, everything else faded away. There was nothing but her. Standing there in a wedding dress was my purpose. She was the reason for my past, present and future. My beautiful bride. I fell in love with her all over again."

Adam gives Erica that look that every girl wants to be looked at, and he does it 100% of the time. Erica is poised, beautiful and has this endearing quality that draws you in. I have only spent a short time with Erica + Adam, but I feel so invested in their relationship...watching them together and seeing how terribly in love makes you want to stay connected to them for years to come. Once you meet this incredible couple you'll see. You'll see not only their deep commitment for each other but for everyone in their lives...

Erica + Adam, I know you will always continue to pursue one another as your purpose. Thank you for inviting me to witness the beginning. 

Madi Flournoy