Kacey + Michael married

Where do I even begin with this couple? I was warmly welcomed by these two into a very special time in their lives, and it came to a point that I celebrated in their joys and was saddened by their troubles. Let's face it, wedding planning can be hard. If things aren't going your way during what is said to be the most incredible experience then it just flat out hurts... You wait all this time to finally plan your wedding, your perfect day, and the hurdles just seem to get bigger and bigger. Honestly, I think every couple goes through it in their own way... Kacey + Michael had a date set at a beautiful venue, but unforeseen factors came into play causing the location and even date to change on them. That is enough to cause some major stress, yet Kacey + Michael had the right mindset. Nothing was going to ruin their day.

This large hurdle in their planning proved to be the perfect blessing. Their new wedding date was the coolest day in June, and their wedding venue was probably one of my favorites I've ever been to... you get to feed horses while you get ready, c'mon! Kacey was stunning. Michael was beaming. So after all the imperfect hiccups of planning, there they were on the perfect day, at the perfect spot, with all who loved them most.


Cactus Creek Barn

| Groom/groomsmen getting ready shots by the awesome

Kara Marnell.

Madi Flournoy