Jessica + Justin engaged

I cannot believe my sweet sister-in-law is getting married. Right in the midst of the last few weeks of Jared and I finishing up our own wedding plans, Justin walked into Jessica's work, walked out the door, turned right around and walked backed in, asking Jessica out on a date. I remember her saying, "I met this really amazing guy at work. I want to bring him to your guys' wedding, but it might be too soon."

Little did we know that Justin would soon become part of the family, proposing to Jessica a few months later. It's amazing how love works out. Here I was in a relationship for 10+ years and then in walks the right guy at the right moment of Jessica's life and that's all it took. That's all it needed. 

Justin is a pilot with the Air Force, so they are having to spend their engagement apart, so when he was in town for the 4th of July weekend we took their engagement photos at the perfect location: an old airport. Besides being able to capture my family members in this exciting time, I got to see how overjoyed they were during a visit they were counting the seconds down to. 

It reminds me of that classic, back in the good-old-days type of romance. When our grandparents met the one, married them in the blink of an eye, and now they are in their 80's together, feeling the exact same as all those years ago. Jessica and Justin have that rare, sweeping romance, and it will be all they ever need.

Madi Flournoy