Aegina, Greece

The Island of Aegina can be found not far off the coast of Greece, about a 2-hour boat ride from Athens. It has cobblestone roads and crystal-clear water. Church bells double as alarm clocks at the small, quaint hotel. The inside of the old building is open to the sky, a roof having never touched the surrounding walls. It is filled with flowers of all kinds and there are the tiniest of twinkle lights that weave up the iron staircase. The bedrooms are the crisp, traditional blue and white of the Greeks, with soft linen that feels good on a sunburn. It's the kind of place you fall asleep with the windows open, the soft chatter of the night owls mixing with the waves. The kind of place where you make friends with the non-English speaking owners, communicating only with awkward, genuine smiles. It's the kind of place you could never leave.

I miss Aegina.

Madi Flournoy